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The decorative sticker on the water tank of the Super Soaker XP 20 and Super Soaker XP 30 water blasters may contain levels of lead in the ink that exceed regulatory limits. The presence of lead is limited to the decorative sticker affixed to the water tank of the blasters.

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Source of the alert


The risk concerns products

The following notice appears on the Hasbro website:


Super Soaker XP 20 and XP 30

Recommendations for consumers

Consumers should immediately stop using the affected product and visit www.SuperSoakerRecall.com for instructions on how to return the product and receive a full refund.

Alert details

Country of origin


Country for notification

United Kingdom


For children

Source of the alert

CTSI - Chartered Trading Standards Institute. www.tradingstandards.uk/consumers/product-recalls-and-safety-notices

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